Parks and Recreation (season 2)

{4.5/5} “The mural that normally resides here is called ‘The Spirit of Pawnee.’ And it’s very controversial. We’ve had someone throw acid at it, tomato sauce. Someone tried to stab it once. We really need better security here. We also need better, less offensive, history.”

Leslie marries two penguins in the zoo for publicity, and they both turn out to be male. Tom gets a divorce from his Green Card wife, April and Andy get to know each other better, and everybody goes hunting. When Leslie has a day off everyone else divides up her tasks and they struggle to complete them.

Parks and Recreation season 2 originally aired in 2009-10.

This season is just as funny as season 1. We learn more about our favourite characters. Amy Poehler continues to shine as Leslie. Nick Offerman (Ron) can be funny with just a noise and Aubrey Plaza (April) can be funny with just a glance.

The theme music is joyfully perfect.

Ann’s former boyfriend Andy is played by Chris Pratt (the TV show Everwood) and Ann’s current boyfriend Mark is played by Paul Schneider (Lars and the Real Girl). Parks office colleagues Jerry and Donna are played by Jim O’Heir (the TV show Strip Mall)  and Retta (Slackers).

Louis C.K. (the TV show Louie) plays policeman Dave. Megan Mullaly (the TV show Will & Grace) shows up as Ron’s ex-wife Tammy. John Larroquette (the TV show Night Court) plays Leslie’s mom’s long-lost love.

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