Brightly Burning

{4/5} “Lan stared at the wine the color of old embers glowing in the heart of his glass. ‘I would like to toast my family,’ he said, taking an absolute malicious pleasure in choosing words heavily weighted with irony and loaded with a definite double meaning. ‘For without your actions, I would not be where I am and what I am at this moment.'”

Lavan is being bullied at school. He manages to avoid the bullies for a while by staying in the classroom at lunch and after school. But one day the bullies track him down and start hurting him. Suddenly there’s fire everywhere — did Lavan somehow create the fire?

Pol is a Herald who teaches Herald-Trainees at the Collegium. Pol has a little bit of each Gift, and this allows him to sense new Gifts as they appear. One day he senses the first stirrings of a new Gift, but it’s unlike any Gift he’s sensed before.

Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey was published in 2000. It’s a standalone novel in her Valdemar mega-series.

This is a good book but it didn’t grab me quite as much as I expected it to. The world of The Last Dragonlord, the next book I read, was more interesting to me.

In this world there are Companions who look like horses but are as smart as humans and are telepathic. But Companions live in barns like horses — it seems to me that there would be specially made houses for them.

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