Dragon and Phoenix

{5/5} “To rule the heart of the Phoenix Lord — that was power. Yet what was power if one lived confined? Though the bars of the cage were of carved jade, banded with gold and hung with silk, they were still bars.”

Linden and Maurynna have returned to Dragonskeep. Maurynna changed into a dragon once but has been unable to do so since then. Someone arrives with a shocking tale — the Emperor of Jehanglan has imprisoned a dragon. Linden and Maurynna must go to Jehanglan, along with Linden’s old friend Bard Otter and a few others. But Jehanglan has something that no other place has ever had — mages working together in a common cause.

Dragon and Phoenix by Joanne Bertin was published in 1999. It’s the sequel to The Last Dragonlord.

Linden, Maurynna, and Otter are back from the first book and they’re joined by a large cast of new characters — dragons, humans, dragonlords, and a phoenix. It mostly takes place in a different part of the world than the first book. Many of the characters are plotting against each other.

It’s a fascinating story with an exciting conclusion.

I recently discovered that a third book in the series has just been published.

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