The Last Dragonlord

{4.5/5} “He landed, claws scraping against stone, the sound harsh in the crystalline air. A red mist surrounded him and the great dragon became a wraith; the mist contracted, then disappeared, leaving behind the figure of a tall man.”

Linden is a dragonlord, a human who can turn into a dragon. But he’s the last one — no dragonlords have appeared in the last 600 years. Linden must travel to Cassori along with two other dragonlords to sit in judgement. The Queen of Cassori has died and the prince is too young to reign, so they must decide who will be regent. The parties have agreed to accept the dragonlords’ judgement. But there are some who are tired of the dragonlords’ rule and are plotting against them.

The Last Dragonlord by Joanne Bertin was published in 1998.

I liked the way that there are truehumans, truedragons, and dragonlords — it’s a new idea, at least to me. The world seemed more real and the characters more interesting than the previous fantasy novel I read, Brightly Burning.

Dragonlords consist of a human and dragon half — once the human half is tired of living the dragon will take over the body. Each dragonlord has a soultwin, except for Linden — the soultwin is the other half of their human and dragon souls.

Since it’s one of the most interesting fantasy novels I’ve read lately, I’m already reading the sequel.

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