Quick Change

{4.5/5} “‘Is that our plane?’ ‘No, if it were our plane it would be crashing.'”

Grimm robs a bank dressed as a clown — he has a clever scheme to get away with the money without anyone knowing who he is. The problem is, once he gets away from the bank he has to make it to the airport. In New York, that’s easier said than done. He and his accomplices — his girlfriend Phyllis and friend Loomis — run into all kinds of trouble on the way to the airport, where they plan to board a plane for Fiji.

Quick Change was released in 1990. I’ve seen it once or twice before.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is still a great movie — very funny. The opening scenes in the bank are brilliant. After that it’s a bit silly but there are some funny moments thanks to Bill Murray.

This is Murray’s movie — his character is the main force in the bank robbery and the one who gets the trio out of sticky situations on the way to the airport. Grimm is very good at thinking on his feet, which is needed in the situations they get themselves into.

The music is great but very repetitive.

Bill Murray (Groundhog Day) plays Grimm, Geena Davis (A League of Their Own) plays Phyllis, and Randy Quaid (Kingpin) plays Loomis. Jason Robards (Parenthood) plays the grumpy old police chief. Tony Shalhoub (Galaxy Quest), Kurtwood Smith (the TV show That ’70s Show), and Stanley Tucci (The Terminal) have small roles.

The movie was directed by Howard Franklin (The Public Eye) and Bill Murray (the only movie he directed).

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