A Sorcerer’s Treason

{5/5} “When he was with her, describing the place from which he came and telling her its legends and history, the proposed journey seemed as natural as taking the train to Madison or Chicago. But alone on the streets of Bayfield with the ordinary bustle and clatter of life around her punctuated by the church bells tolling the hour, it was ridiculous. Even the vision she had seen in Momma’s mirror seemed more likely to be a waking dream brought on by exhaustion.”

Bridget is a lighthouse keeper on Lake Superior in 1899. She sometimes has visions of things that come true — this comes in handy but also causes trouble with folks in town. One night in a storm a boat crashes on her shore and she rescues the occupant. Valin tells her a story she initially can’t believe — he comes from a different world and he needs her help. When he proves what he’s saying is true, she decides to go with him.

A Sorcerer’s Treason by Sarah Zettel was published in 2002.

The idea that a person from (approximately) our world is the only one who can save another world is very common, but the story unfolds in a unique way here. For one thing, it’s more difficult than usual to tell who the good guys are. The characters are all doing what they think is right.

Do the ends justify the means? Would you hurt someone in order to further the goal that’s most important to you? Would you kill someone?

The characters each have their own plans. Some make their plans with the aid of magic, while others use whatever other means are available to them.

This is a fabulously detailed fantasy world — it feels real, like the world in The Last Dragonlord.

The story comes to a conclusion at the end of the book, but if you want to return to Isavalta there are 3 more books in the series.

Zettel has written both fantasy and science fiction. I will be seeking out more of her books.

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