{4.5/5} “I am the apex predator.”

Andrew’s mother is ill, his father is a drunk, and he’s not particularly well liked at school. While at a party he explores a cave with Matt, his cousin, and Steve, another classmate. There’s something otherworldly in the cave, which fills in after they leave so they can’t go back. The three of them develop powers, which they gradually learn to control — including moving things with their mind, and flying.

Chronicle was released in 2012.

Andrew buys a video camera at the beginning of the movie, and the movie consists of video that he shoots. This isn’t my favourite technique but it works well here.

It shows how in high school you can go from being looked upon as a loser to being looked upon as a hero — and vice versa — at the drop of a hat.

The flying scenes are not quite like anything I’ve seen before. Things get fairly intense in the second half.

The actors, who are all new to me, did an impressive job at convincing me the events of the movie were happening.

Andrew is played by Dane DeHaan (Lawless), Matt is played by Alex Russell (Wasted on the Young), and Steve is played by Michael B. Jordan (Hardball).

The movie was directed by Josh Trank (second unit director on Big Fan).

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