Funny & insightful commentary on movies

Here are 3 different groups commenting on movies in an interesting way.


The people who made the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 are still doing the same thing except they’re not on TV anymore. They make sound files that you can play while you’re playing a movie — each one typically costs $3.99. The people in the Rifftrax audio comment on the movie in a funny and informed manner. There are Rifftrax for some famous movies and some not-so-famous ones.

So far I’ve heard the Rifftrax for Avatar and The Avengers — they’re both very funny, and they show you that those movies probably aren’t quite as good as you first thought. Here’s their web site:


How it should have ended

These are short animated videos (2 to 3 minutes) that show you how movies should have ended, if they were written better. You might be amazed at how many plot holes there are in famous recent movies, plus a few classics. In the ones for superhero movies, Superman and Batman have a little conversation in a cafe at the end — that’s always fun.

There’s “How Casino Royale Should Have Ended” and “How Aliens Should Have Ended” for example. Here’s their web site:

How it should have ended

Everything wrong with…

These are short clip videos (3 to 6 minutes) that go through everything that’s wrong with a movie. The makers, who go by CinemaSins, are very thorough. There’s a counter in the corner that counts the number of “sins” in the movie as they go through them. There are also some “Conversations with Myself” videos where both sides of an argument are presented, like whether you should (have to) read the book before seeing the movie.

There’s “Everything Wrong with The Hobbit in 4 Minutes or Less” and “Everything Wrong with Inception in 4 Minutes or Less” for example. Here’s their YouTube channel:


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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    One more. Here’s the Screen Junkies channel — their “Honest Trailers” videos are very good.

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