Glee (season 4)

{4.5/5} “Citizens of McKinley, the power has been restored. Congratulations to all of us for refusing to resort to idol worship and rampant cannibalism.”

Blake Jenner, winner of The Glee Project, joins the cast. His character, Ryder, is a football player who doesn’t think he can sing — Finn convinces him otherwise. Marley (Melissa Benoist) also joins the glee club — she’s a quiet girl whose mom is the cafeteria lady. Jake (Jacob Artist) joins after talking with his half brother, who happens to be former glee club member Puck.

Glee season 4 just finished.

Things were a bit different this season, as some of the students who have been on the show since the beginning have graduated. But we still got a look at what they were up to. In particular, Rachel and Kurt are sharing an apartment in New York and we often drop in on them. With the cast changes, were they able to maintain the quality of the shows from the first three seasons? Yes.

There’s more great singing and more great comedy and drama between the characters. Jane Lynch’s character Sue Sylvester continues to be hilarious, although — like other characters on the show — she’s not always particularly consistent.

Kevin McHale (guest star on TV shows like True Blood and The Office) plays Artie. Jenna Ushkowitz (the short Educated) plays Tina. Heather Morris (Post) plays Brittany. Chord Overstreet (The Hole) plays Sam. Darren Criss (the TV show Eastwick) plays Blaine.

Iqbal Theba (guest star on TV shows like ER and Community) plays Principal Figgins.

Sarah Jessica Parker (Mars Attacks!) guest stars as Kurt’s boss in New York. Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) guest stars as Rachel’s dance instructor. Katey Sagal (the TV show Futurama) plays Artie’s mom.

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