Parks and Recreation (season 5)

{5/5} “Just hit a fire hydrant, but I survived. #Unbreakable #WhatsMrGlassUpToTheseDays #WhyNoSequel?”

Leslie finds that the other city councillors are somewhat difficult to work with. Ben, on the other hand, is doing really well with his job in Washington DC. Tom comes up with another idea for a new business and tries to find investors. Ron makes budget cuts, Chris finds it difficult to be alone, Ann decides to have a baby, April proposes a dog park, Andy writes the policy academy entrance exam, and Jerry retires.

Parks and Recreation season 5 just finished. As with season 4, each episode is hilarious.

Whatever the characters are up to, they do it in a funny way.

Pamela Reed (Bean) plays Leslie’s mother. Lucy Lawless (the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess) plays Diane, Ron’s girlfriend. J.K. Simmons (Juno) plays the mayor of Ben’s hometown.

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