The Big C (season 4)

{5/5} “I just want to feel like me for as long as I can.”

Cathy is going through chemo, which is making her feel horrible in itself. She wants to play “The Entertainer” on the piano and tells Paul he should get remarried after she dies. Paul is giving seminars and writing a book. Andrea heads off to college but is stuck with a not-so-great roommate. And Adam turns 16 — he is having some trouble with chemistry but Cathy hires him a tutor.

The Big C season 4 (aka The Big C Hereafter) just ended. It’s the last season and it’s only 4 episodes, but each episode is an hour long (in previous seasons they were half an hour).

The end of season 3 turns out to be not what you thought it was (it’s possible¬†they had to change the plan because season 4 is so short).

I feel that the writers found their stride again this season — it’s beautiful, funny, and sad.

All the main actors deserve kudos for their performances in this series, especially Laura Linney.

Kathy Najimy (Sister Act) plays Cathy’s therapist. Phyllis Somerville (Little Children) plays the ghost of Marlene. Brian Dennehy (Cocoon) plays Cathy’s father.

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