The Distant Hours

{4.5/5} “All things considered, I think I was doing pretty well: only occasionally did I allow myself to slip deep inside the pool of my own most maudlin imaginings. At these times I’d find a quiet, dark corner — all the better to give myself over fully to the fantasy — and picture in great detail those bland future days when I would walk along our street, stop at our building, gaze up at the windowsill on which I used to grow my herbs, and see someone else’s silhouette fall across the glass. Glimpse the shadowy barrier between the past and the present, and know keenly the physical ache of being unable ever to go back.”

When an letter from 50 years ago arrives, Edie learns about a time in her mom’s life that she never knew about — when she was evacuated from London during World War II. She went to a place called Milderhurst Castle. Edie soon finds herself at the castle. She learns that the author of her favourite book, “The True History of the Mud Man,” lived there. And his three daughters, one of whom wrote the letter to her mom, still live there.

Juniper Blythe was her mom’s best friend. Juniper was engaged to be married when her fiance, Thomas, disappeared and was never heard from again. The Blythe sisters agree to speak with Edie, but she can’t really speak with Juniper — she still thinks it’s 1939.

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton was published in 2010.

Sections of the book alternate between the current day and 1939. Edie is trying to find out what happened back then — when her mom stopped writing, Thomas Cavill disappeared, and Juniper Blythe went mad.

There are various mysteries that get solved — one right at the end. Both the current day and 1939 sections of the book are fascinating.

You will find yourself somewhere in this book — it’s about family, friendship, and secrets. Once you get into it you’ll be enthralled until the last page.

Morton has written three other books.

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