The Usurper’s Crown

{4.5/5} “What few outsiders knew was that the palace itself formed a latticework of spells with the Pearl Throne at its heart. The order of the passages, the order of the day, the patrols of the soldiers, the dances of the worshipers, all combined to continuously renew the work of the thousand sorcerers who had built this edifice long centuries ago. Spells of protection, of wisdom, of peace, of prosperity, woven over and over again.”

High Princess Medeoan is about to marry Kacha, who seems perfect in every way. Avanasy, Medeoan’s teacher of magic, warns her that Kacha does not have her best interests at heart — but Medeoan doesn’t believe him, and banishes him from Isavalta.

In another world, Avanasy meets Ingrid and falls in love with her. They first meet when Ingrid’s sister is haunted by a ghost and Avanasy helps get rid of it. Avanasy then tells Ingrid that he really comes from another world — Ingrid believes him. He gets a message that he’s needed back home to help Medeoan, and he decides to go — and Ingrid decides to go with him.

The Usurper’s Crown by Sarah Zettel was published in 2003. It’s second in the Isavalta series, and a prequel to A Sorcerer’s Treason.

For the first part the chapters alternate between our world and Isavalta. Both storylines are fascinating.

Bridget Lederle was one of the main characters in A Sorcerer’s Treason — Ingrid is her mother.

If you liked A Sorcerer’s Treason, you’ll like this book. If you want to know how to write a prequel, this is how you do it.

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