{4.5/5} “The FAA and the NTSB took 10 pilots, placed them in simulators, recreated the events that led to this plane falling out of the sky. Do you know how many of them were able to safely land the planes? Not one. Every pilot crashed the aircraft, killed everybody on board.”

Whip is a highly experienced pilot. When a malfunction happens on a routine commercial flight he uses everything he knows to land the plane. Despite chaos around him, he stays calm and gets his copilot and flight attendant to do the things they need to do to help him. When the investigation into what happened starts, there’s just one problem — Whip had been drinking and doing drugs before getting on the plane.

Flight was released in 2012.

The beginning is pretty intense, even though you know they’re going to make it to the ground. Denzel Washington is always worth watching.

It’s a serious story about addiction. When you make a big mistake, some people are going to forgive you and some people aren’t.

The whole movie feels very realistic — Washington is quite willing to portray someone less than perfect.

Alan Silvestri (The Avengers) provides some beautiful music here and there, but most of the noticeable music is a variety of pop songs.

Denzel Washington (Unstoppable) plays Whip. John Goodman (Trouble with the Curve) plays Whip’s friend, Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek Into Darkness) plays Whip’s union rep, and Tamara Tunie (the TV show Law & Order: SVU) plays a flight attendant. Don Cheadle (Iron Man 3) plays a lawyer and Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes) plays a drug addict Whip meets at the hospital.

The movie was directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump).

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