Pushing Daisies (season 2)

{4.5/5} “There are complicated issues in this situation that you don’t even know nothin’ about. Except that their complexities are so complex they make this shallow conversation absurd.”

Ned and Chuck continue to try to make their relationship work, even though they can’t touch each other. Olive can’t deal with all the secrets she’s learned and she runs off to a convent. And Emerson continues to make money collecting rewards for finding murderers, a job made easier because Ned brings dead bodies back to life so they can say who killed them.

Pushing Daisies season 2 originally aired in 2008-09. It consists of 13 episodes, and it’s the last season.

As with the first season, this one is very funny and clever. Each episode contains a murder investigationĀ but also advances the ongoing story.

The world of the show is a bit stylized — most sets have a very bright colour scheme, and the characters often talk very rapidly to each other.

Out of all the funny cast members, Kristin Chenoweth is the funniest. She also occasionally breaks into song.

Jim Dale (Pete’s Dragon) is the narrator.

Stephen Root (the TV show King of the Hill) plays a man who used to know Ned’s father. Other special guests include Ethan Phillips (the TV show Star Trek: Voyager), Fred Willard (This is Spinal Tap), French Stewart (the TV show God, the Devil and Bob) and Missi Pyle (Galaxy Quest).

Barry Sonnenfeld (director of The Addams Family and Men in Black) is one of the executive producers and directed a couple of episodes.

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