Kids React & Teens React

These are some videos I came across recently that are produced on a regular basis by the Fine brothers. They have other videos but the two series I thought were the best were Kids React and Teens React. The two series are the same idea with a different age range. The brothers show kids or teens some videos and get them to react — simple. Most of the videos are very funny, and a few of them are serious. What type of videos do they show them? Ones that are popular on the web — viral videos, music, trailers, games, and politicians. The serious ones give you hope for the future — see what the younger generation says about bullying, school shootings, and gay marriage. Even in the not-so-serious ones, the kids often display a thoughtfulness that some adults lack.

Here’s the very first Kids React:

Kids React to Viral Videos #1

Here’s the very first Teens React:

Teens React to Bed Intruder

And here are all of them, including Elders React and YouTubers React:

All React episodes ever made

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    I’m not as happy with the Fine brothers as I once was. They once tried to make anyone on YouTube who’s making react videos pay them royalties — which they don’t deserve. They also tried to trademark the word “react” — which is insane.

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