{5/5} “You do too much — college, a job, all this time with me… You’re not Superman, you know.”

When Peter gets bitten by a genetically modified spider he gains the powers to climb straight walls and shoot webs from his wrists. He decides he must use his powers for good. He would also like to date Mary Jane, his next door neighbour. Meanwhile Norman is under pressure to produce performance enhancers for the military, otherwise he’ll lose his funding. He tries the enhancers on himself — and becomes the Green Goblin.

Spider-Man was released in 2002. This is the third or fourth time I’ve seen it.

The story, cast, and music are all first rate. The main character is very likeable, and it has a fair number of funny parts. If you’re writing a superhero origin story, study this one — this is how you do it.

Wisdom from Uncle Ben, imparted to Peter: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

This is a movie that will put you in a good mood.

The exciting and mysterious music is by Danny Elfman (The Next Three Days).

Tobey Maguire (Pleasantville) plays Peter Parker / Spider-Man.

Kirsten Dunst (Melancholia) plays Mary Jane. James Franco (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) plays Harry and Willem Dafoe (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) plays Norman. Cliff Robertson (Charly) plays Ben and Rosemary Harris (Sunshine) plays May.

J. K. Simmons (Juno) — in the role he was born to play — plays J. Jonah Jameson.

Elizabeth Banks (The Lego Movie) plays Betty. Bruce Campbell (the TV show Burn Notice) has a small role as the wrestling announcer. Stan Lee (co-creator of the Spider-Man comic) makes his now-traditional cameo.

The movie was directed by Sam Raimi (A Simple Plan).

It’s one of the best superhero movies ever — along with Spider-Man 2, Batman Begins, The Incredibles, and Unbreakable.

As for The Amazing Spider-Man, why would I watch it? Even if it’s good, it’s not going to be better than this one.

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