Hearts in Atlantis

{4.5/5} “It will be the kiss by which all others in your life will be judged… and found wanting.”

When Bobby was 11 he wanted a bike for his birthday. His mom couldn’t afford it — as she reminded him, his dad left them with too¬†many debts when he died. But Bobby has fun playing with his friends Carol and Sully. An older man named Ted comes to live upstairs from them, and Ted tells Bobby he’ll pay him to read the newspaper to him, since his eyesight is bad. Ted also tells Bobby to keep an eye out for dangerous men who are looking for him.

Hearts in Atlantis was released in 2001.

It’s about growing up in the 1950s, friendship, and a mystery with a fantastic twist.

I liked it a lot, and I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t seen it.

The gentle music is by Mychael Danna (The Sweet Hereafter). There are also familiar songs from the 50s.

Anton Yelchin (Star Trek Into Darkness) plays Bobby and Hope Davis (American Splendor) plays his mom. Anthony Hopkins (A Bridge Too Far) plays Ted.

David Morse (16 Blocks) plays Bobby as an adult in a prologue and epilogue.

The movie was directed by Scott Hicks (Shine).

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