Raising Hope (season 4)

{4/5} “First aid is just a scam dreamed up by the gauze and bandage people.”

A mysterious man who Virginia, Burt, and Jimmy have all seen around on occasion turns out to have a surprising relationship to them. Burt and Virginia come up with an idea to start bartering with other people who can offer services in town, but it doesn’t last long. Jimmy discovers that his childhood memories of vacations aren’t what he thought they were, and Sabrina wants to give her family a real vacation.

Raising Hope season 4 just ended. This is its final season. Like season 3, it’s funny but not quite as clever as the first two seasons.

I usually like Virginia and Burt but the other characters are sometimes a bit annoying.

There were some good episodes but some were duds. One episode was an homage to Hitchcock, particularly Rear Window, but it didn’t seem all that clever (although I haven’t seen Rear Window) — Castle‘s homage was better.

The finale wrapped things up very nicely. If you’ve seen the show but haven’t caught it lately, you should watch the finale. If you haven’t seen the show, check out season 1 — it’s unique and hilarious.

It’s about wacky hijinks but it’s also about a family that cares about each other.

Jeffrey Tambor (the TV show Arrested Development) guest stars in the season premiere. Usha Kiren (guest star on the TV show Chuck) pops up as a monotone-speaking TV announcer. Amy Sedaris (the TV show Strangers with Candy) plays Virginia’s cousin Delilah.

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