The Thief Lord

{3.5/5} “Riccio shook his head with astonishment. ‘No. Why? It’s great being young. You don’t stand out so much and your stomach fills up more quickly. You know what Scipio always says?’ He jumped from the bridge onto the street. ‘Children are caterpillars and adults are butterflies. No butterfly ever remembers what it felt like to be a caterpillar.'”

Prosper and Bo’s mother has died. Their aunt and uncle wanted to take Bo in but they didn’t want his older brother. So the two of them ran off to Venice, a place their mother often talked about. There they ran into a small group of orphans led by a boy who calls himself the Thief Lord. Meanwhile, a detective is looking for them, and the Thief Lord is not what he appears to be.

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke was published in German in 2000 and English in 2002.

It might be great for a young reader. It’s certainly readable for an adult, but there are lots of better books to read.

The second half is more interesting than the first, and it has a clever ending.

It’s about friendship, teamwork, and looking after people.

Their adventures lead them to a merry-go-round that supposedly has magical properties: if you ride it, it will make you younger or older.

It’s a bit old fashioned. Other than the presence of cell phones you would be hard pressed to pin down the time period it takes place in.

Once things start happening that you don’t expect, about halfway through, it does have some interest.

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