{4/5} “Our changes to the planet’s ecosystem caused unforeseen consequences.”

In the 23rd century everyone has moved off Earth. The wealthy have moved to Rhea and everyone else lives on space stations. Laura is a doctor — she signs up to work on a cargo ship in order to make enough money to join her sister on Rhea. The ship’s travel time is eight years but Laura spends most of that in cryogenic sleep. When it’s her turn to be awake she feels that someone else is aboard the ship. Fearing terrorists, she wakes up the captain. When the captain falls to his death, she discovers that the ship’s cargo is not what she thought it was.

Cargo was released on 2009. It’s a movie from Switzerland — despite my last name I don’t think I’ve seen a movie from Switzerland before.

It’s reminiscent in tone to Europa Report. The movie starts slowly but then picks up steam.

It’s a gritty future — more Alien than 2001. The ship they’re on is old and makes lots of creepy noises.

The special effects are terrific.

Their mission is not what it seems, and Laura gradually discovers more and more of the truth — a great lie has been told about the nature of their society.

It contains aspects familiar from other movies but they’re put together in enough of a different way to make it worthwhile.

The movie was directed by Ivan Engler and Ralph Etter (their first movie).

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