TV shows that went downhill

All of these shows had more than one season, and they went downhill (at least a bit) at some point after the first season.

The Big C

  • This was an amazing show in its first two seasons — at times deadly serious and at other times side splittingly funny. They lost their way a little bit in the third season, but found it again in the remarkable fourth season.

Burn Notice

  • This is a brilliant show, both funny and serious, but the ongoing storyline becomes a tiny bit wearying after a few seasons.


  • This was a very funny and science fictionally interesting show for several seasons but they lost steam. They came back after a hiatus of several years but it wasn’t as good then.


  • The first four seasons followed a glee club in Ohio, but in the middle of the fifth season the location changed to New York where we followed former members of the glee club. The latter storyline wasn’t as interesting.

The IT Crowd

  • The first season is brilliant, but after that it kept getting less and less funny. Moss and Roy were hilarious but the other characters were fairly annoying.


  • One of the greatest fantasy shows ever made, every single episode had something shocking in it. Despite its brilliance, certain aspects of the show became a bit aggravating over time — things that didn’t make sense or were never explained.

New Girl

  • The first season was superb but after that the writers had trouble coming up with truly funny things for the characters to do and relied more on slapstick and randomness.

Once Upon a Time

  • I loved the first season. The second season was great but it didn’t quite measure up. The third season was different again — the first half wasn’t the most interesting but the second half was first-season quality.

Raising Hope

  • The first two seasons were brilliantly funny, but after that the writers struggled to maintain consistency. Part of the problem was that some of the characters were a bit annoying.

Star Trek

  • The first two seasons were great, but then creator Gene Roddenberry left his producer role in a disagreement with the network. The new producer wasn’t able to keep up the quality of the scripts.

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