I recently played the board game Clue. I’m not sure I’d ever played before — if I had, it was decades ago. In my mind for some reason I imagined it would be a fun game, but it’s not particularly. Kids might like it, and that’s fine, and it’s certainly not close to being the worst game out there. But I didn’t find it engaging. It’s not nearly as fun as the board games I play on a regular basis.

I realized one thing that distinguishes the newer style board games — you have something to do when it’s someone else’s turn. That’s when you plan your strategy. Whereas in an old style board game you have nothing to do when it’s someone else’s turn because there’s not much (if any) strategy.

I also started watching the movie Clue a few days ago. I remembered it as being funny from decades ago. But it’s only mildly amusing. If you liked it as a kid, I suggest you leave it as a fond memory. If you’re still a kid or you’re fond of slapstick, you might like it.

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