Dan in Real Life

{4.5/5} “This corn is like an angel.”

Dan is an advice columnist, and he has three daughters — Jane, Cara, and Lilly. He doesn’t want his oldest daughter to drive, he doesn’t want his middle daughter to date boys, and he’s happy his youngest daughter is still young. Dan takes his daughters to a family get-together. While there he meets Marie at a bookstore and they hang out — but later he realizes that she is his brother’s girlfriend.

Dan in Real Life was released in 2007.

It’s very funny — I liked it a lot.

It can be tough to get things right all the time — all you can do is your best and apologize when you get it wrong.

The actors will make you feel like this is a real family.

The soundtrack is full of interesting songs.

Steve Carell (Crazy, Stupid, Love.) plays Dan and Juliette Binoche (Chocolat) plays Marie.

Allison Pill (the TV show The Newsroom) plays Jane. Dianne Wiest (Parenthood) and John Mahoney (guest star in the TV show Burn Notice) plays Dan’s mom and dad. Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada) plays Ruthie, a woman Dan gets set up on a date with.

The movie was directed by Peter Hedges (Pieces of April).

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