The Tall Man

{3.5/5} “He was like an ancient legend, something from a book of fairy tales or an old song. Everyone talked about the Tall Man all the time, because everyone was afraid of him. People were always afraid he’d strike again. And when he did, they’d thank their lucky stars he took somebody else’s kid.”

Cold Rock is a town where once in a while a child disappears and is never seen again. The townspeople call the person responsible the Tall Man, and some people claim to have seen him. Julia, a nurse, has a son who is abducted — she goes after him but the man escapes with the boy and she is injured. When she gets picked up and taken to the diner, she overhears people talking — and realizes that there is a conspiracy.

The Tall Man was released in 2012.

There’s an interesting story in here, but somehow it didn’t quite always make it onto the screen.

It’s creepy, but not gruesome.

There’s an unexpected twist about halfway through.* Once the twist happened I was skeptical that the resolution was going to be satisfying.

The resolution did turn out to be somewhat satisfying, but the movie would have benefitted from a different structure. The director has directed some horror movies, but this isn’t a horror movie.

Jessica Biel (The Illusionist) plays Julia and Jodelle Ferland (The Cabin in the Woods) plays Jenny. William B. Davis (the TV show The X-Files) plays the sheriff.

The movie was directed by Pascal Laugier (House of Voices).

Spoiler alert

*It’s Julia herself that’s taking the children. The boy she’s been taking care of isn’t hers but someone else’s.

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