Upside Down

{3.5/5} “What if love was stronger than gravity?”

Adam lives on Down Below and Eve lives on the world just next door, Up Top. They found an ingenious way to be together, at least temporarily. But then they’re separated, and Adam believes that Eve is dead. Ten years later he discovers that she’s alive. So he goes to work for Transworld, the company she works for, in order to find her again. Little does he know that she has forgotten everything from before her accident — she’s forgotten all about him.

Upside Down was released in 2012.

It’s visually stunning — it would have been great to see on the big screen. The two worlds are upside down from each other, so there are lots of shots where there are people right side up and upside down.

The society reminds me of the one in Elysium — some people live in the nice area and some people live in the not-so-nice area.

It’s about going to extraordinary lengths to be with the one you love.

The plot has one or two problems, and most of the romance is implied rather than shown. I feel the same way about this movie as Avatar and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow — the filmmakers are very creative visually but needed to spend a bit more time on the story.

Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man 2) plays Eve and Jim Sturgess (Cloud Atlas) plays Adam. Timothy Spall (Ginger & Rosa) plays Bob, a co-worker of Adam’s.

The movie was directed by Juan Solanas (Northeast).

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