Children of Dune

{5/5} “If you focus your awareness only upon your own rightness, then you invite the forces of opposition to overwhelm you.”

Children of Dune by Frank Herbert, published in 1976

Alia, Paul Maud’dib’s sister, is Regent while her niece and nephew are growing up. She no longer sees the future, but she continues to try. Meanwhile someone called the Preacher says the Fremen should return to the old ways — could he be Maud’dib? When Jessica, Alia’s mother, comes to Arrakis no one knows what she will do. All the main characters come together at the end — whose plan will be successful? The story jumps a few years from book to book, but it continues very smoothly. The books are very philosophical — dealing with religion, politics, plots, and environmental concerns. You could think of the first 3 books in this series as one big book, especially if you read them all within a week and a half. This book then is the culmination of the big book.

This is the second time I’ve read it.

I previously reviewed the second novel in this series, Dune Messiah.

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