Frustrating goings on south of the border

It’s important to know about what’s happening in the US since they’re huge and they’re our neighbour. Here are a few articulate articles that describe some of what’s wrong with the country. The more people there are who understand the situation, the likelier it is it will change.

Here’s some evidence that people who watch Fox News are significantly less informed than other people about a wide variety of topics. I think they should pass a law that says that if you have the word “News” in your TV channel then you have to tell the truth.

Seven Surveys Make a Trend For Fox and Viewers

From the non-existent “war on Christmas” to (also non-existent) faith healing, here are some ways that conservative Christians are contributing negatively to society.

9 ways Christian zealots cripple America

Here’s an article that focuses on one problem: some conservatives are saying that separation of church and state is a new idea. This isn’t true, and the evidence is found in the Constitution.

The dangerous myth at the heart of conservative ideology

There’s one good thing I can say about the Republican/Fox News propaganda machine: it’s the best propaganda machine I know of. They’ve managed to convince many people who vote Republican to vote against their own self-interest.

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