God Emperor of Dune

{4.5/5} “I am a collection of the obsolete, a relic of the damned, of the lost and strayed. I am the waylaid pieces of history which sank out of sight in all of our pasts. Such an accumulation of riffraff has never before been imagined.”

God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert, published in 1981

Leto II has been Emperor for more than 3000 years — he is now a combination of human and worm. It’s been 3000 years of peace. But the sandworms are gone from Arrakis and the only spice is in storehouses — mostly Leto’s storehouses. Some try to rebel against Leto, including his descendant Siona. Some aspects of society have changed and some are basically the same — all part of Leto’s plan. After 3000 years, what does Leto want? A surprise. Even though it’s millenia later and society is quite different it still feels like a Dune book — there’s still a lot of philosophical musing and dialogue. Leto is a unique character, and there are other interesting characters here too — with some frustration here and there, I liked the book quite a bit.

I thought I’d read this one before but it wasn’t familiar so perhaps not.

I previously reviewed the third novel in this series, Children of Dune.

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