Chapterhouse: Dune

{4.5/5} “Everything you do, everything you sense and say is experiment. No deduction final. Nothing stops until dead and perhaps not even then, because each life creates endless ripples. Induction bounces within and you sensitize yourself to it. Deduction conveys illusions of absolutes. Kick the truth and shatter it!”

Chapterhouse: Dune by Frank Herbert, published in 1985

The Bene Gesserit are on the run from the Honored Matres, who have killed whole planets full of people. Darwi Odrade is now Mother Superior and she’s resurrected her father, Miles Teg, as a ghola. Sheeana is now a Reverend Mother but she secretly plots against the Bene Gesserit along with Duncan Idaho. Duncan and Murbella, a captured Honored Matre, are prisoners in a no-ship on Chapterhouse. This is the final Dune novel written by Herbert. Like all of the Dune books, I didn’t understand everything — but what I did understand was fascinating.

I previously reviewed book 5 in the series, Heretics of Dune.

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