Love Minus Eighty

{4.5/5} “Rob reached out to comfort her, then remembered it was forbidden and drew back. If not for the surveillance, Rob would have reached under the silver cover and taken her hand, cold and stiff as it would have been.”

Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntosh, published in 2013

In the future death is not quite what it used to be. There’s a program popularly known as “bridesicle” where beautiful women who have died are kept on ice. Men can have “dates” with them, and if they’re really rich they can even revive them. Rob and Winter have grown fond of each other, but Rob discovers that Winter is going to be terminated because no one else is visiting her. Like McIntosh’s other novels Slow Apocalypse and Hitchers this one will keep you reading. His writing style is smooth, and he’s got terrific characters and an interesting future.

I previously reviewed McIntosh’s novel Hitchers.

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