{5/5} “When embarking on a audacious crime, a duck needs a willing accomplice. A creature who is reliable, beyond suspicion, and above all extremely gullible.”

Babe, released in 1995

Farmer Hoggett doesn’t usually keep pigs, but he guessed the weight of a pig at a fair and brought him home. When Farmer Hoggett gets the notion that Babe might be able to herd sheep, it turns out he’s right. No one had ever heard of a pig herding sheep, but why not?

This movie will leave you filled with joy. It’s very funny. The characters, both human and animal, are terrific.

Stars James Cromwell and the voice of Hugo Weaving. The music by Nigel Westlake is splendid, particularly the main theme.

Directed by Chris Noonan (Miss Potter).

This is the second or third time I’ve seen it.

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