Jupiter Ascending

{2/5} “Time is the single most precious commodity in the universe.”

Jupiter Ascending, released in 2015

Jupiter Jones works cleaning houses. One day she’s stunned to find out that people from another planet are trying to kill her. She’s even more stunned to find out that she’s the reincarnation of a queen who lived for 92 000 years.

Like Avatar and the Star Wars prequels, this movie is visually stunning but needed some work in the story department. It’s particularly reminiscent of the Star Wars prequels — lots of CGI but not much heart. One or two action sequences went on longer than they needed to. In the middle there’s a scene that seems to be from another movie, like Brazil (mind bogglingly, Terry Gilliam has a cameo in this scene). I found some parts a bit confusing. You will be guaranteed to shake your head once or twice.

I’d heard it wasn’t so great, so I wasn’t surprised. I wanted to like it, though — but my score kept getting lower and lower as it went along. A lot of it is just too mindless.

Stars Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum. Directed by The Wachowskis (The Matrix). The bombastic music is by Michael Giacchino.

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3 Responses to “Jupiter Ascending”

  1. James Says:

    Couldn’t agree more! This movie was totally bananas and not necessarily in a good way.

    I was just thinking of sending you this link but wasn’t sure if you had seen the movie yet 🙂 The Honest Trailers guys basically give up on spoofing the movie and just describe the plot:


  2. Dave Switzer Says:

    I think anyone who watches that video will wisely choose to avoid the movie.

  3. James Says:

    I dunno, I kinda liked all the gadgets in the movie! Too bad there wasn’t a story to go along with the special effects…

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