Jurassic World

{4.5/5} “Were those claw marks always there?”

Jurassic World, released in 2015

Jurassic World is a successful theme park, but they keep having to come up with new things to keep the customers happy. The newest is Indominus rex, a genetically engineered dinosaur whose genes are top secret. Indominus is very smart and when it gets out of it cage chaos ensues.

More humans. More dinosaurs. More dinosaurs eating humans — if this sounds like fun, this is the movie for you. This is actually the best dinosaur movie since the first Jurassic Park — it has a more interesting story than the previous two movies in the series. There are quite a few funny parts. And the dinosaurs look very realistic, of course.

This is not a reboot — the movie cleverly tells a new story in the Jurassic Park universe, with several nods to previous movies in the series. One of the best nods comes at the climax.*

Stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Vincent D’Onofrio. Directed by Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed). The action-packed music by Michael Giacchino wisely makes use of the Jurassic Park theme by John Williams.

Spoiler alert

*The Tyrannosaurus rex from the first movie returns.

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  1. James Says:

    Dave, did you see it in 3D? I remember we saw the revival of the first movie in 3D, which didn’t seem to add much…

  2. Dave Switzer Says:

    Nope, these days I watch movies in 2D unless someone else wants to see the 3D version or it’s only playing in 3D.

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