{3.5/5} “There’s a guy like me on every mining operation all over this system.”

Outland, released in 1981

O’Neil is a marshall who’s just been assigned to the mining colony on Io. Soon after he arrives his wife leaves him, telling him that she thinks their son should grow up on Earth. After a couple of deaths that seem to be suicides, O’Neil becomes suspicious. With the help of the doctor, he discovers a conspiracy that might be too big for him to deal with.

It’s not often I watch an older science fiction movie for the first time — I’ve pretty much seen them all. This one might be worth watching, for science fiction fans and/or Sean Connery fans. It’s slow moving, but there are some great scenes. The special effects are decent. It might have seemed more exciting in 1981.

Stars Sean Connery and Peter Boyle. Directed by Peter Hyams (2010). The music by Jerry Goldsmith isn’t one of his more memorable scores but it’s all right.

I was under the impression that I’d seen this movie, but now I believe I’d just read about it.

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