The problems with America’s Got Talent

I have enjoyed watching America’s Got Talent in the past but I’m not sure I will watch it in the future. Although I realized that other reality shows aren’t very close to reality, I assumed that on this show what they were showing us resembled reality fairly closely. But it seems large parts of the audition process are hidden from us. Like the part where the audience is coached on whether to cheer or boo for a particular act. This is from a website called reality blurred:

Auditioner: America’s Got Talent is “rigged”

Another problem I have with the show is the contract the contestants are forced to sign. The contract is 45 pages long. The producers can say whatever they want about the contestants, even if it’s not true. This is from the New York Post website:

What ‘America’s Got Talent’ hopefuls auditioning in Midtown today must agree to

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