Chuck (season 3)

{4.5/5} “No one throws a stakeout like Chuck Bartowski… You can put that in my secret file.”

Chuck season 3, aired in 2010

In addition to flashing on people and objects, Chuck can now flash on skills — he learns kung fu in seconds. Chuck reveals he’s a spy to Devon (aka Awesome). Ellie and Morgan are suspicious that something is going on with Chuck, and they’re determined to find out what. Big Mike is back in charge at the Buy More, and he chooses Morgan as his assistant manager.

The ongoing story kicks into high gear — the situation changes from week to week. The episode in which Morgan finds out Chuck’s secret is one I liked a lot.

My favourite character is Morgan — he’s matured but is still hilarious.

Stars Mark Christopher Lawrence and Ryan McPartlin.

Guest stars include Kristin Kreuk as a woman Chuck meets on a plane, Brandon Routh as an agent, and Christopher Lloyd as a psychiatrist. Scott Bakula returns as Chuck and Ellie’s dad.

Robert Duncan McNeill is a producer on the show and also directs a fair number of episodes.

I previously reviewed season 2.

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