Scrubs (season 2)

{5/5} “I like to think that your life comes down to the choices you’ve made along the way… like standing up to a superior… or the choice to focus on what you have in common, instead of what you don’t… or the choice to let someone help you, for once. In the end, you just have to trust your decisions… and hopefully, you’ll land on solid ground.”

Scrubs season 2, aired in 2002-03

JD, Elliot, and Turk are now residents. Turk and Carla get engaged, Dr. Cox gets back together with his ex-wife Jordan who’s having a baby, and JD makes an attempt at dating. Elliot finally stands up to her father — but he cuts her off and now she has no place to live.

The show continues to be hilarious. One of my favourite parts is Ted’s a cappella group — they’re both funny and musically talented.

Stars Donald Faison and Judy Reyes.

Christa Miller memorably shows up fairly often as Jordan. Dick Van Dyke, Ryan Reynolds, and Heather Locklear all show up as guest stars.

This is the second time I’ve watched this season. I previously reviewed season 1.

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