Star Trek: Renegades

{3.5/5} “Your sacrifice honours me.”

Star Trek: Renegades, released in 2015

Two primary worlds where the Federation gets its dilithium have been destroyed. Admiral Chekov knows who’s behind it but the Federation Council refuses to listen. He asks his old friend Tuvok to put together a special team to take care of this problem — a team of renegades. The team includes Icheb and Lexxa, the daughter of Khan.

I haven’t watched too many Star Trek fan films, although there are a bunch of them now. (The best one I’ve seen is the “World Enough and Time” episode of Star Trek: Phase II.) This one has the primary virtue of having Walter Koenig playing Admiral Pavel Chekov, likely for the last time.

Fan films are allowed by CBS as long as they don’t make any money. It is therefore incredible that they get made at all — everyone is contributing their time for free.

The acting, makeup, sets, music, and special effects are quite good.

As for the story, it had its moments. The part of the premise where the Federation Council is refusing to do anything about this huge problem — that was left too vague. The movie isn’t great, but it’s better than Jupiter Ascending.

Stars Tim Russ, Sean Young, and Gary Graham. Robert Picardo also makes an appearance. Directed by Tim Russ (Star Trek: Of Gods and Men).

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