Shaun the Sheep Movie

{4.5/5} Shaun the sheep is tired of the daily grind and decides to take a day off. His plan partially consists of letting the Farmer sleep in the trailer. When the trailer rolls down the hill into the Big City, Shaun and the rest of the sheep — and Bitzer the dog — must go into the Big City to rescue the Farmer.

Shaun the Sheep Movie, released in 2015

This is a kid’s movie. But if you ever were a kid, you’ll still like it. Many aspects of the movie will be familiar to people who have seen more than one movie, but they’re done very well.

There’s no dialogue, not even between the human characters (think the adults in Peanuts). It’s very gentle, like Wallace & Gromit. And it has the same amazing Aardman claymation.

I love how the sheep use the “fact” that humans will always fall asleep when they see sheep jumping over a fence.

The movie will put a smile on your face.

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