The Ghost Brigades

{4.5/5} “On the fourth day the members of the 8th asked for tried to tell each other jokes they found on the Phoenix data net, and mostly failed to make them work; by the time their BrainPals unpacked the context of the joke, it was no longer funny. Only Sarah PaulingĀ  seemed to be laughing most of the time, and it was eventually determined she was laughing because she thought it was funny that none of the rest of them could tell a joke. No one else thought that was funny, to which Pauling laughed hard enough to fall off her cot.”

The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi, published in 2006

Jared Dirac is a member of the Special Forces, otherwise known as the Ghost Brigades. He’s only days old when he starts his training and he’s only weeks old when he goes into combat. As a soldier he doesn’t make a lot of choices, but he’s a good soldier. Then he discovers that he has someone else’s consciousness in his head — someone who became a traitor to the human race.

It’s about consciousness, and choices — it will definitely keep you turning the pages.

Scalzi has created a fascinating universe, with humans interacting with some aliens they’re friendly with and others they’re at war with.

I previously reviewed the first book in this series, Old Man’s War.

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