The November Man

{4.5/5} “‘Do all your friends try to kill you?’ ‘Eventually.'”

The November Man, released in 2014

Peter used to be a spy. He’s recruited for one last mission — bring home Natalia, the woman he loves, who’s undercover in Russia. When the Russians discover she’s playing for the other team, they go after her — but the CIA kills her first. Peter rescues a woman who’s a target just because she knows someone, and together they’re on the run — and on the trail of conspirators who started a war.

This movie has an interesting story, some great action, and Pierce Brosnan. There are a few disturbing parts.

It’s about trying to do what’s right in a world where Americans and Russians are conspiring together.

It was filmed in Serbia and Montenegro.

Stars Pierce Brosnan and Olga Kurylenko.

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