All Flesh is Grass

{4.5/5} “Even in the face of potential danger, should we bar the way to them? For here was an alien life, the first alien life we’d met. Here was the chance for the human race, if it would take the chance, to gain new knowledge, to find new attitudes, to fill in the gaps of knowing and to span the bridge of thought, to understand a non-human viewpoint, to sample new emotion, to face new motivation, to investigate new logic.”

All Flesh is Grass by Clifford D. Simak, published in 1965

Brad’s father ran a greenhouse business but when he inherited it he didn’t have a green enough thumb to make it work. Then he tried real estate, which also didn’t quite work out — they just disconnected his phone. When he’s on his way out of town he runs into an invisible barrier. It turns out that there’s now a dome all the way around the town. People can’t go through it but other things can — clearly aliens are involved. Brad eventually meets the aliens — and they aren’t what he expected.

The interesting speculation and characters will keep you reading.

If you’re reading it on an e-reader you’d find the ending a bit abrupt (in a paper book you can see it coming).

If you’re a fan of Simak, you’ll want to read this one. If you’re not, I suggest you read City.

I previously reviewed Simak’s Highway of Eternity.

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