Author discovery of the year

I didn’t happen to read many new authors in 2015. I spent a fair amount of the year reading 4 series by authors I’d read before — Dune, The Quintaglio Ascension, Spin, and Old Man’s War. The big winner is Charles Stross for Accelerando and the runner ups are Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson for Hunters of Dune and Sandworms of Dune.

Here are all the winners and runner ups…

Year Winner Runner ups
2015 Charles Stross Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
2014 Douglas Preston Peter F. Hamilton Carrie Vaughn Christopher Moore
2013 Iain M. Banks Sarah Zettel Michael Swanwick Jo Walton
2012 Alastair Reynolds Joanne Bertin Ken Grimwood Gregory Maguire
2011 Robin Hobb Audrey Niffenegger Richard Adams George R. R. Martin
2010 Clifford D. Simak Yves Meynard Tim Powers Harry Harrison
2009 Dan Simmons Peter S. Beagle Ray Bradbury
2008 Connie Willis David Mack Jeanne Cavelos John Scalzi
2007 Vernor Vinge James Morrow
2006 Edward Willett Elizabeth Kostova
2005 Stephen Baxter Sean Russell Christopher L. Bennett
2004 Karin Lowachee Peter Watts Adam Roberts Jasper Fforde
2003 Neal Stephenson Ted Chiang Stanislaw Lem Candas Jane Dorsey
2002 Karl Schroeder
2001 Jim Munroe Nalo Hopkinson
2000 Charles de Lint J. Gregory Keyes Kurt Vonnegut Josepha Sherman
& Susan Shwartz
1999 Robert Charles Wilson Kim Stanley Robinson L. Sprague de Camp

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