Chuck (season 5)

{5/5} “‘Daniel Shaw murdered my father and now he has my wife. He’s gonna wish he never left that prison cell.’ ‘That plan’s kinda vague.'”

Chuck season 5, aired in 2011-12

Chuck, Sarah, Casey, and Morgan no longer work for the CIA — they’re spies for hire. But the CIA is still keeping tabs on them for some mysterious reason. Chuck and Sarah are married, Casey’s ex-wife knows he’s alive and a hero, and Morgan now has the intersect in his head. Big Mike and Morgan’s mom have gotten married. Jeff and Lester finally realize that something fishy is going on at the Buy More.

This is the last season, and it has fewer episodes. It wraps the series up in fitting fashion.

Some episodes are more serious than others. This is a great series — every episode is worth watching.

I bumped this season up to a 5 because even though it’s mostly a comedy, the characters all learned something on their journey.

Carrie-Anne Moss guest stars as the head of a rival spy organization who’s met Casey before. Cheryl Ladd and Tony Todd also show up.

I previously reviewed season 4.

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