Major Crimes (season 2)

{4.5/5} “You were always rich, don’t you get it? You had a father who cared so much for his family that he did every crazy thing he could do to try to make up for all of his failings. Having a dad like that means you were rich from the day you were born!”

Major Crimes season 2, aired in 2013-14

In his spare time Tao is a technical adviser for a cop TV show. Provenza bought a new printer for the office — and is charging everyone 5 cents a page. Flynn is trying to trying to be more healthy — he’s even on a cleanse. Captain Raydor’s estranged husband Jack moves back to town — he stays on her couch while he’s looking for an apartment. Rusty is getting threatening letters, but he’s getting tired of being under police protection all the time. In the meantime, The Major Crimes division solves more interesting, terrible, and occasionally funny cases.

Stars Tony Denison and Michael Paul Chan.

One episode has a bunch of guest stars — Tim Conway, Marion Ross, Ron Glass, and Doris Roberts.

I previously reviewed season 1.

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