{4.5/5} “The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot.”

Cashback, released in 2006

Ben’s in art school and wants to be a painter. Ben and Suzy break up, leaving Ben devastated. He can’t sleep, so he starts working a night shift at a supermarket. Each of his colleagues deals with the boredom of the night shift differently — Ben imagines that he can stop time. Or maybe he really can. Eventually he feels as though he might be ready for a new girlfriend — because there’s Sharon.

It’s about figuring out what to do with all the seconds in your life, and it’s about love.

It’s different, and I liked it a lot.

The movie is based on, and an expansion of, a short film of the same name. The director managed to get all the same actors together to film the new scenes 2 years later.

Stars Sean Biggerstaff and Emilia Fox. Directed by Sean Ellis (Metro Manila).

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