Live and Let Die

{2.5/5} “‘Who’s funeral is this?’ ‘Yours.'”

Live and Let Die, released in 1973

When three agents are killed, James Bond is sent to New York to investigate. M believes the murders are all connected to Dr. Kanaga of the Caribbean island of San Monique. Bond later travels to San Monique and New Orleans in pursuit of answers and a man known as Mr. Big. He also encounters a young woman named Solitaire who has the ability to read tarot cards.

Roger Moore takes over from Sean Connery as Bond and does a fine job.

There are several great stunts. But as usual with the older Bond movies, the plot is only intermittently interesting.

Stars Yaphet Kotto and Jane Seymour. Directed by Guy Hamilton (Goldfinger). The music by George Martin isn’t as good as a John Barry score but it has its moments. The theme song by Paul McCartney is one of the best.

This is probably the 2nd time I’ve seen it.

I previously reviewed Diamonds Are Forever.

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