Blue Bloods (season 6)

{4.5/5} “Good people try to move on from a betrayal like it’s an exception not the rule.”

Blue Bloods season 6, aired in 2015-16

When terrorists threatening New York, everyone must do whatever they can to find them before they strike. Frank’s old partner is planning on publishing a book about how things were on the job in the old days. A journalist is shot while riding with Jamie and Eddie — but the victim refuses to cooperate. Erin tries to convict a mob boss of a murder decades old — and is surprised when a man in witness protection returns to provide an alibi. Danny and Baez are on the trail of a serial killer who taunts Danny over the phone.

It’s another gripping season —  every episode is worth watching.

It’s a joy to watch Tom Selleck — maybe one of these days I’ll check out his earlier series, Magnum P.I.

Stars Bridget Moynahan and Marisa Ramirez.

Whoopi Goldberg guest stars in one episode.

I previously reviewed season 5.

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