Castle (season 8)

{5/5} “Beckett makes me laugh. She challenges me. I became a better man.”

Castle season 8, aired in 2015-16

Beckett is now captain of the 12th precinct. Castle is working as a private investigator — he’s shocked to find out that Alexis has been working his cases without telling him. When Beckett is drawn into a dangerous situation related to former Senator Bracken, who’s now in jail — she makes a decision that shocks everyone, especially Castle.

This is the last season. It’s hard to believe it’s over but 8 seasons is a great run.

The ongoing storyline this season wasn’t my favourite — they kept Castle and Beckett apart for most of the season with a flimsy excuse. But given that’s what they were doing, they did it very well.

In one episode Castle testifies as a witness in a murder trial.

The season finales tended to be more serious and the series finale is as well, wrapping up the LokSat storyline. The network didn’t give the producers much notice that the series was cancelled so there is a jarring scene change in the last episode.

Gerald McRaney guest stars in two episodes and Summer Glau shows up for one.

I previously reviewed season 7.

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